What do I need to bring with me?

Bring a printout of your PDF Ticket (with the QR code) to speed up the check-in process. If you are planning to present using slides: bring your laptop along with any HDMI adaptor cables needed to plug into the room’s projector.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

  • SSID: SCU-Guest
  • Password: NONE

Where can I get the schedule for the day? 

Check the Schedule page, or the onsite Schedule Wall. The Schedule Wall will be populated with the morning session topics when you arrive, and will be updated for the afternoon sessions as soon as possible once voting has concluded. In addition, each classroom will have a copy of the schedule for that particular classroom.

How do I see the afternoon schedule?

The afternoon schedule will be available starting 12:30 and will be accessible in all of the places mentioned above.

How does on-site voting work?

Attendees will receive 3 ‘dots’ to use for voting. Just place a dot on any session posted on the session grid that you plan on attending. The voting helps us allocate appropriate times and rooms for each session. Anyone interested in posting a topic for consideration should arrive early and post their topic before voting starts at 9:00 am. Complete the topic submission form and bring it to the Information Desk on the day of the event.

Is there going to be a job fair?

There will be no formal job fair this year. We are encouraging attendees to bring their resumes and spend time reviewing their peer’s resumes over lunch. Attendees from hiring firms will also be identifiable by a blue dot on their badge. Follow #SVPCamp #Jobs hashtags on Twitter to connect with people from hiring firms.

What are the Twitter hashtags?

  • #SVPCamp: General event-related information
  • #SVPCamp #Jobs: For hiring firms looking to meet job seekers
  • #SVPCamp #BOF: Connect with other attendees at the Birds of a Feather area

Where can I upload my photos of ProductCamp?

Attendees can distribute pictures or videos via Twitter with the hashtag #SVPCamp.

How can I join SVPMA?

Go to the SVPMA table to pay for your discounted membership of $99 (regularly $110)  or visit www.SVPMA.org. Stop by the SVPMA table at the event to pick up the promotion code.

Where can I get more information on-site?

Please visit the Information Desk located in the downstairs lobby or look for Camp Organizers.