Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee 2014

Kathy Klotz-Guest   Event Organizer

Kathy runs marketing firm, Keeping it Human. Its purpose is to help companies boldly tell their product and company stories to the world. Her goal is to eradicate jargon-monoxide! Kathy is also an improviser who likes to shake things up! 2013 is her 4th Product Camp. They had her at ‘unconference.’



Tom Gilheany   Event Co-Organizer

Tom is currently a senior consultant and architect in the VoIP and CyberSecurity product and service market.  His various roles in startups and large tech companies include 5 years in product management, 12 years in technical marketing, and 14 years in IT/Operations. 



Jeffrey Blake   Social Media Chair

Jeffrey is a versatile web and social media strategist who is skilled at simplifying, communicating and solving complex technical issues. He is an experienced software architect and is involved with several startups working on getting funding. In his spare time he is a personal brand evangelist.


Patrick Cava   Voting and Logistics

Patrick is currently Director of Marketing at Numerify.  With a degree in English and a diverse background, including event management and IT systems, Patrick hopes to apply his talents to improve the attendee experience at the 2014 Product Camp.


Steve Chen    Volunteer Chair

Steve is an associate product manager in the financial lending compliance space. Years ago he predicted the mortgage market’s future troubles, but he wasn’t clever enough to capitalize on that. In his spare time, he likes volunteering, taking photos, and playing with guinea pigs.


Victor Chong   Sponsorships Chair

Victor is a product guy focused on e-commerce and consumer web. He is an eBay product manager overseeing advertising and local deals. In his spare time, he tries and usually fails to raise his tennis game. Victor also leads sponsorship efforts at Silicon Valley Product Management Association.


Debashish Niyogi   Registration Chair

Debashish has been managing software products for over 10 years, primarily in the life sciences and content management markets. He currently runs Exidean, a company that provides innovative product management services and solutions. He has participated in four product camps, and this is his second consecutive year on the organizing committee.


John Wang   Food / Beverage Chair

John is a product manager who has a passion for process integration. Previously, he was a software engineer with a focus on web development. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, running, spending time with family, and occasionally raising goldfish. John first volunteered at ProductCamp in 2012.


Valeri Yee   eBay Logistics Chair

Valeri is a program manager who has a passion for a seamless customer experience and helping others whenever possible. She manages a Product Manager Training Program at eBay. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling to Maui/Disneyland. This is Valeri’s 4rd year on the ProductCamp steering committee.