ProductCamp Silicon Valley 2016

Schedule 2016


Daly Science Building:


Doors Open / Submit a Topic

Registration, networking, coffee, snacks, topic submission


Session Voting Begins


General Session

Product Camp welcome, details, sponsors

<Link to General Session Slides Here>
Thomas Gilheany

Lucas Hall:


Session 1 Breakouts (45 minutes)

A Playbook for Achieving Product-Market Fit
Dan Olsen
Room 126

Top 10 Tips for a Rockin’ LinkedIn Product Management Profile
Mira Wooten and Sandra Clark
Room 107

How To Be Strategic Product Manager for Marketplace Success
Phil Burton
Room 106

Language User Interfaces: Amazon Echo & Beyond (Demos)
Jeffrey Perrone
Room 105

Product Management Therapy
Brendon Wilson
Room 301


Session 2 Breakouts (45 minutes)

UX Design for Product Managers
Dan Olsen
Room 126

The Reasons Why Product Roadmaps Fail
Andre Theus
Room 107

Earned Influence and Authority for PMs
Pamela Schure
Room 106

Defining a Wicked Product Vision Process
Peter Olfe
Room 105

Ask Me Anything About Product Management and Product Marketing
Dave Fradin
Room 201
This session did not involve slides.

So You Want to Become a Product Manager / Marketer
Geoff Anderson and Tim Johnson
Room 301


Lunch – Box Lunch

Sandwiches, cookie, sodas and more! 


Session 3 Breakouts (45 minutes)

How to Use Analytics to Optimize Your Product
Dan Olsen
Room 126

Building Insanely Great Products
David Fadin
room 107

Challenges for Women in PM – Panel Discussion
Pamela Schure
Room 106
This panel discussion did not include slide presentations.

The Surprising Fastest Cheapest Smartest Path to Product-Market Fit
Alan Albert
Room 105

Engineering Challenges / Product Management Solutions
Ron Lichty
Room 201

Are you a Product Manager or Product Owner?
Greg Cohen
Room 301

Make UX Research and UX Part of Your Product Roadmap
Jenny Ma and Clara Kuo
Room 108


Session 4 Breakouts (45 minutes)

Say No + Keep Stakeholders Happy
David Galvin
Room 126

Product Manager’s Guide to Dealing with Sales People
Mike Chowla
Room 107

Why Product Line Strategy is Important in an Agile World
Mike Freier
Room 106

Building Business Case for a Cloud Service
Amit Sarkar
Room 105

How to Achieve Messaging-Market Fit
Dan Olsen
Room 201

Not Another Reorg
Todd Middlebrook
Room 301


Product Camp Adjourns