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We’d like to thank all our sponsors (for both the current and prior years) for making ProductCamp Silicon Valley possible for the product management community.

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Gold Sponsors

Leavey School of Business

Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business is at the center of the most innovative commercial region in the world. Our geography is our laboratory to explore the elements of business success, helping students discover and leverage their own ingenuity, and the faculty at the Leavey School of Business comprises both renowned scholars and celebrated teachers.

These committed instructors and dedicated researchers create the knowledge and tools that are the foundations of modern business education. With a firm grasp of both theory and practice—what should be done as well as how to get it done—our graduates bring the best tools and an energetic perspective to every business decision.

Our Productizing Innovation Certificate provides cutting edge tools and frameworks to advance product innovation and management excellence in today’s competitive technology environment. Launch your future today with a Productizing Innovation Certificate from Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business.



UXReactor is a full-service User eXperience (UX) design firm who helps teams and organizations of all maturity optimize their user-centered focus to deliver useful, usable and desirable products. We are problem solvers who love to drive business outcomes for our partners by utilizing our unique PragmaticUX Framework.

UXReactor’s partnerships are all grounded in a deep understanding of our partner’s goals and intent, allowing us to work and focus on driving the meaningful outcomes. Our proprietary design and research methods identify what is needed to let you quickly set the right priorities and focus on them.
We start by asking the right questions and then finding the optimal user-centered insights.

Our PragmaticUX framework can quickly help any organization start driving their product outcomes, particularly around user retention, adoption, satisfaction, efficiency or engagement of their digital product. This is what keeps us passionate and this is where we have decades of experience driving successes in Silicon Valley and beyond.


280 Group

280 Group is the world’s leading Product Management training and consulting firm. We help companies and individuals do GREAT Product Management and Product Marketing using our Optimal Product Process™.

For individuals, 280 Group has a complete program for every stage of your career, whether you are just entering the field or are a senior-level Product Manager or Product Marketer. Combining training, certifications, books, templates and coaching, we can build a custom plan that helps you accelerate your career and get on the fast track!

For teams and organizations, 280 Group can deliver point solutions such as training or templates, or can build a complete, comprehensive and customized solution to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Product Management function.



In 2006, UserVoice CEO Richard White spent his days working on a calendaring product and obsessing about understanding his customers. He wanted to know how to improve the product in a meaningful way for customers, but the countless hours he invested combing through forum threads, blog comments, and emails provided him little actionable insight. He knew he couldn’t possibly be the only product owner struggling to gather meaningful feedback from customers. So he set out to develop a solution to help companies better connect with and understand customers. Two years later, UserVoice was born.

Customers today expect companies to not just listen to their feedback, but to truly value it and use it to drive positive change. Product teams are tasked with the critical job of understanding customer pain and pinpointing its true cause to build the perfect solution. They sit at the center of all stakeholders – translating customer needs to internal teams, guiding engineering, and driving product strategy to achieve company goals.

Product management has always been more art than science, and we’re here to change that by transforming how companies gather and analyze product feedback. We automate the collection and management of product feedback and enrich it with quantitative customer data. By bringing science to the art of listening, we’re helping product managers prioritize feature requests to drive strategic product decisions.


Bronze Sponsors

Agile Entrepreneurs

Agile Entrepreneurs has been cross-pollinating patterns in organizational agility between established companies and hi-tech startups worldwide through hyper-efficient Product & Engineering Pipelines, helping them stay focused on user engagement & customer monetization, and growth.

Krishna founded Agile Entrepreneurs based on hard-learned lessons as the co-founder of two ridesharing startups – eCarpool (consumer; 1999-2001) and CommuterStation (enterprise & Social; 2005-2008).

In 2010 Agile Racecar (ARC) started as a Product/Engineering (P/E) agility & efficiency consulting for Product Management & Engineering leadership, defining Products with validated User Activities instead of endless Features, and pay-by-productivity Agile contracts with vendors to simultaneously minimize burn-rate and maximize speed & quality.

Launched in 2013, 4WeekStartup (4WS) is an end-to-end coaching program for early-stage startups to build custom high-fidelity prototypes for customers in days, rapidly (in)validating Go-to-Market Strategies in weeks and developing the ability to refactor technology and pivot strategy, at will.

Can your product do this? “7 Days to Validation, 4 Weeks to Traction, 3 Months to Product/Market Fit”



Silicon Valley Product Management Association

The Silicon Valley Product Management Association (SVPMA) provides a forum for education, networking and community amongst those who work in product management. That includes, but is not limited to Product Managers, Product Marketing Managers, Marketing Managers, Directors of Product Management, and VPs of Product Management.

Our mission is to provide Product Management professionals with networking, training and career acceleration opportunities. Through monthly speaker meetings, quarterly workshops and quarterly networking and social events, SVPMA helps Product Management professionals to be more effective in both day-to-day work as well as managing their overall careers.

We meet every month with speakers, panels or presentations that focus on day-to-day issues, career development, emerging trends or any other issues that strike our fancy.