Advanced Proposals Not Open

ProductCamp Silicon Valley is an un-conference. Rather than having pre-scheduled speakers, anyone who is interested in leading a session can submit a proposal on the day of the event. Proposed sessions will be voted on by the ProductCamp participants with the most popular sessions getting on the event schedule. Other participants will view what your session is about and vote on the morning of the event.

Please think about the session format, category, and audience preferences expressed by past participants, and be prepared to submit a session title, description, bio, format, category, target audience, and contact information.

Advanced Session Proposals

Ambitious presenters can submit their session proposal before the event to take advantage of advanced voting for the morning sessions. Advanced session proposals are not currently open, but you can sign up to be notified when advanced session proposals start being accepted.

On-Site Session Proposals

You can always propose a session for ProductCamp on the day of the event (for the afternoon sessions). Print the session proposal form, fill it out, and bring it with you to ProductCamp. Voting for the afternoon sessions will happen on site.